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[this is good]

I'm glad you got to the UK in one piece!  lol

That is SO scary about your music possibly being lost.  I've got my fingers crossed and have said a prayer that they really do take care not to lose it.  That could be devestating!


Sometimes when the earth is tilled against our wills whether by tsunami, or by earth quake or Tornado, the flowers that grow are stronger, more rich and more colourful than the ones that existed before. I hope your music is saved, but if it's not I look forward to the expressions your mind creates thereafter. xo 

MusiclifeofDavidBirdsall2007 (aka) Dave B

Hia shell.  thankyou.  Iv got my fingers and toes and eyes and legs and well, everything crossed :-) hahaha  its been an interesting 6 months with this saga. 

The one thing I know for sure is this tho, I'm still alive and kicking regardless and I wont let it devour me.  thankyou for your kindness Shell.

<3 Daveb.

MusiclifeofDavidBirdsall2007 (aka) Dave B

Hello Michell, beautifullly put into perspective, thankyou, wow.  I wish I could be so elequant like what you just wrote and thought. 

I am sat here with a big smile on my face now.  You are dead right.  And in the great scheme of things your thoughts have shown me that this is just a hic up and for the first time in six months I am looking at this situation with a 'new' eye on things.  I thankyou so mcuh, I needed so much to let go and now I have.

<3 <3 <3 Daveb  thankyou  millions.


hey glad you arrived safely its still hot here so much i dug out the shorts today hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

still working on video done another track yesterday to wolf wait till you see it its ok

take care and sleep well and dont let the bastards grind you down

love from the odd couple hahahah

MusiclifeofDavidBirdsall2007 (aka) Dave B

Hia Alex, Marianne.

Its frezzing here, yeo freezing.  Still waiting for a response from Roland.

Looking forward to getting back and into the heat.  My body is aching like hell and I have remembered why I mved to Spain!  no aches!

The DVD yehaaa!  looking forward to seeing it my friend.

Love form the 'other' odd couple.

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