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[this is good] Yeah for dreams realized. I will never stop dreaming. I too am suppose to be dead. But alas and shit I am still here. I love your music. yes it makes me smile, gives me goose bumbs, and always the dancing. Round and Round.


[isto é bom]

so good to see you are around....

I havent been online myself, but I saw you kinda *disapeared*....glad to see you, and long life to dreams!!!!

Dark Knightingale

Good for you Dave!

-I like it when an original piece "give me goosebumps" too!

Good to hear you're doing well with yourself!


[this is good]

I'm SO SO SO happy for you!  You deserve to be this happ for all your hard work and creativity.  Good job for not listening to those who would keep you down.  Who says what measures up to an achievement anyway?  I mean, even if you hadn't finished this achievement is so personal, I think.

Anyway, it's good to see you write something here too.  I've missed you, Dave!


[this is good] Psh, dreamers make the BEST students!

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